Question: Could you give me a list of all the Alice books in order which the come?

If you could please respond to this, I understand that you get thousands of these a day but I was wondering more like hoping if you could give me a list of all the Alice books in order which the come. Thank You!

In other words, I am a HUGE Alice fan! I know this may sound weird but, I have taken Alice into my life I have also taken advice from her. I know she is not real but to me she is. The books are something more then amazinggg! The reason I have chose the Alice books then other teenage books is because Alice is someone who I can relate to and take her choices she has made into my own train of thought. The crazy thing is that when Alice is sad I get sad when she is happy I am suddenly happy, I put all my emotions into this book which is odd but, I do enjoy them(: Please, I wish you could NEVER stop writing the Alice books but, I do know she has to die sometime. I think you could carry on the books about her children maybe she could even have a boy, and a daughter. I would still love the books even if they weren’t about Alice because your an awsome writer and I think you put everything you have into these books and just so people all around the world can enjoy your books. Please respond to this as soon as you can, I know you are VERY busy but, if you could at least try it would be nice[= even if you send me a hello or hi it would be something[= please just try and give me a response,

PHYLLIS Replied:
All the books, in the order that they were written, are listed here on the Alice website:

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