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Question: I’m concerned about some of the things my boyfriend has been telling me…

I’m concerned about some of the things my boyfriend has been telling me. I’m beginning to see a pattern with what he is saying. For example, he told me a homosexual man asked him to lye down on the beach with him, and that this man also tried grabbing, well you know. Umm, he also told me a waiter hit on him at a resturant, that his neighbor’s 50 year old girlfriend said he was hot, and that his male swim coach said he was “looking sexy.” Oh, and two more things. For a school outing, he had to stay at a family’s house (this family vounteered to host him there) and he said the daughter looked like she was about to throw him on the bed and have sex with him. Also, one of our teacher’s asked him to pick something up at her house, and he said that she’d want to “screw his brains out.” Knowing the nature of this teacher, she did have two male students hang out at her house once. Mrs. Naylor! , something isn’t right here. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, and this is concerning me. What do you think it all means?

PHYLLIS Replied:
I’d be concerned too.  Sounds a little like a guy trying hard to convince himself he’s sexy, but it also sounds like a guy looking for sexual adventure.  Not that having sexual feelings is bad or abnormal.  But how are things between the two of you?  Does he ever talk about anything else?  Do you enjoy each other’s company?  Do activities together?  While you need to see the overall picture, it might be time to repeat some of his comments to him and ask what it’s all about.

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