Follow Alice into Those First Trying Years of Adulthood?

Hi I read the alice series back in the 6th grade and loved it.Thank you. .Having a newborn daughter made me reflect back to these books and how comforting they were to me at a very awkward stage. I have now caught up on the whole series and was wondering if you were still writing the alice series? Intensely Alice is being shipped to me right now and i can’t wait.. At the end of every book, i’m so eager to continue the story. i personally think it would be great to be able to follow alice into those first trying years of adulthood. how long do you plan to follow alice? are you writing another alice book now?
Phyllis replied:
Yes, I’m working on another Alice book right now.  There will be 28 in all.  After you read “Intensely Alice,” look for “Alice in Charge,” coming out next June.  Next year, look for “Incredibly Alice.”   The very last Alice book, ending the series, “Always Alice,” will be out in 2013, and yes, it will take Alice all the way from age 18 to 60. 

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