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I am a 13,and I’m a violinist and I’ve finished my diploma(the highest level in violin grades).And I want to perform more in public.But where do I and how do I perform in public??
Phyllis replied:


Your question is puzzling to me.  Is it possible that you live far out in the country and have been home-schooled in the violin?  If not, what does your teacher say about this?  Why are you not performing in your teacher’s pupils’ concerts?  Why are you not in the orchestra at school?  Why are you not playing in community orchestras, subscribing to music magazines which might tell you of contests you could enter?  This isn’t adding up, somehow.   Do you do all of these things but still feel that you aren’t getting enough chances to perform solo?   If winning contests and playing first violin aren’t your goal, you just want to play more in public for enjoyment, offer to play during a service at your church or house of worship.  Play for your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party.  Organize a little chamber music group and practice a few pieces until you are good enough to play for small gatherings.  Be willing to start small and work your way up.

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