And Now She’s 17!

I’m in sixth grade and I LOVE your books!! I just started “Intensely Alice” and it’s very good so far. I have read every Alice book except for Alice in Blunderland and it’s so amazing how you are talented enough in writing to keep writing books about a girl all these years. I can’t believe she was 8 in the prequel and now she’s 17! I love the Alice series and a collection of every book is the one thing i want most this year for my birthday.
Phyllis replied:
Sometimes it’s hard for me to realize she’s 17 too.  Seems only yesterday she was playing with her kitten and twisting off her Barbie doll’s legs.  It’s been fun for me to let her grow up slowly, taking her through grade school, then middle school, then high school, and soon she will be off to college.  It’s going to be hard for me to end the series, but I think you’ll all enjoy the last book.  That’s not until 2013, however.

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