Did I Make the Right Choice?


 jst gotta say that i love ur  books they r beyond beyond uhh-mazing lol well i need ur adivce on sumthing well here the story. ok my best friend “J” and me use to hang out like all the time with my other friend “A”

nd “A”  feels like the thrid wheel(she has told me so b4) so i felt really bad so after that i started hanging out with her alot more often then i did with “J” @ school and i guess”J” hangs with her group nd all but she like asking me why i hang out with “A” nd starting 2 saying that im too nice that i shoulnt be with her she annoying nd blah blah nd that ppl will think im a goodie gooide in highschool (im in 8grade rite now)
 nd i dont really think “A” all that bad wat im saying is that did i make a good chooce on hanging out with “A” or should i go back to “J” nd her group cuz im kinda confuesed rite now nd i dont want any drama rite now
Phyllis replied:
Does it really and truly have to be an either/or situation?  You can’t hang out with J and her friends some of the time and do things with A at other times?  Sometimes you girls make it so hard for yourselves.  I look forward to the time that middle school and high school girls will pay more attention to the individual person and not judge a girl simply by her friends.  If you like A, hang out with her!  When you get the chance, hang out with J, without A.  Life is too short to fence yourself in.

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