“I Like Him, He Likes Her”


I saw this title on your website for the Alice McKinley books. Is this a new Alice book?

Phyllis replied:


Oh, man.  I didn’t know they’d posted that already.  The book isn’t even out, and I don’t know when it will be–sometime this year, though.   But for all you collectors out there who want the whole Alice series, the publisher is planning to do paperback “bind-ups” of three Alice books at a time.  They are starting with Alice in ninth grade, and the three books, under the title “I Like Him, He Likes Her,” are “Alice Alone,” “Patiently Alice,” and “Simply Alice.”  They plan to do her sophomore year at some point, then her junior year, then her senior year.  I don’t know what they will title these books.  I don’t know if they will go backwards at some point, and do all the eighth grade books and the seventh grade books, etc.  All I know right now is that a huge manuscript is sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to check the copy in this humongous thing.  But I do like the title, and the cover is great.

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