What Did You Do For Fun?


Hey Phyllis!!! I've always wanted 2 ask u whn u were little....what did you
and your family do for fun??? Fun has bcm so technological that itz mind
crushing these days---and I extremely miss fun d nat-u-ral style!!!

Phyllis replied:


That's an interesting question, because when I was growing up, we didn't have anything technological at all for fun except the radio and a record player.  Here's what I did:  wrote little books on the back of used paper from the waste basket; played the piano; played kick-the-can and hide-and-seek with the neighbor kids; built a "circus" with the neighbor kids (we had a rode with a seat on it stretched from the top of a garage to the ground); roller skated on the sidewalk; chased the ice truck and got little pieces of ice in hot weather; went to the movies; played Monopoly; went out with boys; held hands and walked round the neighborhood; ate ice cream; went to hamburger shops; went to vacation Bible school; visited grandparents on farms and slid down the haystack; fed ears of corn to the cows; read books; listened to our parents read aloud to us; put on plays; worked on puzzles; had sleepovers; made pot-holders and later sewed my own formals for dances; kept diaries; played in the mud after a rain; and had weiner roasts in the woods.  I could go on but I have a lot of other emails to answer tonight. 

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