Excited and Sad at the Same Time


hey well i love your books so much..!! well first of all im a junior an im so excited an sad at the same time. im somwhat scared of going to college. not because of the class but mostly i guess of growing up. i dont really know what i want to be when i grow up i was think teaching or maybe being a writer. i dont really know how it works like the degrees in college. i should probably ask becuase im graduading next year but anyways i wrote to you not so long ago about this boy i really liked. we have been broken up for almost 10 months practically a year an im still so hung over him. the funny part to me is that he doesnt even go to school anymore because he graduated so i rarely see him. well thanks for the awesome books you’ve written. =]

Phyllis replied:


Your email interested me in particular because Alice feels exactly the same way you do in the book I’m writing now, “Incredibly Alice,” which will come out next June.  Regarding college she is sad, scared, excited….well, I’ll let you read the story.  I think one reason you’re thinking about this guy is that you’re wishing you had some of those good feelings back right now.  When we’re worried or nervous about something, happy times in the past seem almost perfect.  About all I can tell you is that making the transfer from childhood to adulthood is, in addition to being exciting, a type of mourning.  You are giving up some things–maternal comforting, security and dependence, childish fun–many things that you truly enjoyed. And although you don’t want to go back to being a little child, you do miss the perks that went with it, some of them, anyway.  Be honest with yourself and what you miss, and remember that this is a common and normal feeling among kids facing college.  There are times you want that mother’s hug.  The dad’s encouragement.  The sibling’s teasing.  The hot dinner.  The clean sheets.  Normal, normal, normal, normal, normal.  If you still feel that way often once you get to college, most schools have support groups you can join of kids who are feeling exactly the same way, and it’s a good place to make friends.

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