Is it possible to order them all?

first of all i luvvvvv your books i was wondering if its possible to order all 24 books and for how much i think it would make a great present
Phyllis replied:
I believe that all the Alice books are still available in one form or another, some in hardcover and paperback, some in paperback only.  You could try going first to to their books section to check each title and see what’s available.  Then you could order each one through Amazon or from a local bookstore, though the stores would  probably appreciate it if you brought in the information yourself, namely the ISBN number on each book you wanted, which you could get from Amazon.  If there was any book you couldn’t find, you could write the publisher for it.  If your question was, is there any package deal where you could order all 24 books at the same time without ordering each one individually, I don’t think so.  Four Alice books did come out in a paperback set called “The Wonderful World of Alice” and included “Agony of Alice,” “Alice in Rapture, Sort Of,” “Reluctant Alice,” and “All but Alice.”  And later this year, I believe, three books will be coming out under one cover called, “I Like Him, He Likes Her,” and will include “Alice Alone, Simply Alice, and Patiently Alice.”  But other than these two sets, all the others are sold individually.

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