Heartless Woman


In regards to how you answerd my last question about being sad ebcause my friend died:

You say i have a medical condition because my friend died? He WAS my best friend we lived togther for five years, yet you say i have a problem for my whole life changing because he died? What kind of heartless women are you?
Phyllis replied:
I’m sorry.  That must have seemed heartless indeed because I didn’t sympathize at all with you about your friend’s death, and that is a horrible thing to go through.  It can knock the pins out from under anyone and make a person question God.  All that is true.  But what struck me most about your email was not just your grief over your friend’s death, but your description of yourself before this happened.  Popular, loved by all, happy, feeling beautiful, and then, not just the grief of his death, but the utter, complete, black despair, ending with “before it’s too late.”    Why would “your whole life change”?  Why do you now feel ugly and fat?  Where is the connection here?  I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist, but it’s the high-ness of the high and the low-ness of the low that seems way off to me, and made me think of bi-polar disorder. What about it?

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