Are the Alice books appropriate for 5th Grade?


My friends and I would like to say thank you oh so very much for writing the Alice series!! I’ve read faster then ever, (some days i read the 300 page Alice books in one day) and i absolutely love them!! I am waiting for the school library to come out and get the book after dangerously Alice!! This fan mail may be the same as all of your other fan mails (hope not) but i mean we want to thank you for all of your wonderful Alice books!! Also, is fifth grade appropriate for reading all of your Alice books? Are you going to make a book where Alice gets pregnant? Or gets married? How many more Alice books are coming out?
Thank you very much Phyllis!!
keep on writing!!

Phyllis replied:


Some readers are ready for the Alice books much earlier than others.  You may not understand a few of the things in the books for teenagers, and you won’t have experienced many of the things that Alice does, so in that sense it might be best to wait awhile.  The very last Alice book, Always Alice, coming out in 2013, will tell you everything that happens to Alice after age 18.

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