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I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Alice series. I started reading
I was in fourth grade; I found a copy of Alice in Charge on my sister’s
bookshelf. I’ve been reading them ever since and I’m now a junior in college! I
just finished reading Intensely Alice. I love these books because, one, Alice is

such a great, realistic character, and, two, I live in Gaithersburg and attend
University of Maryland at College Park, so I feel so connected to her. Every
my sister and I go to Silver Spring we say, “Hey, this is where Alice lives!”

I’ve been going through a tough time with friends lately at school, reading the
Alice books gives me a really nice escape. They help remind me of how things
used to be when I first started reading them.

Phyllis replied:


Both I and my readers love to hear that people still read the Alice books in college and on into their fifties and sixties.   I’m just delighted that they still work for you.   We’d love to know the correct title of the book you found on your sister’s shelf, however, because “Alice in Charge” is the book coming out next spring.  And I’m going to get 50 emails asking where they can find that book now!   Thanks!

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