Alice in Charge

I’m reallly confused. I was reading all the fanmails people have left you and one thing caught my eye. A girl said she found Alice in Charge in her sisters room when she was in 4th grade and now she is a Junior in college. I was thinking about it and I didn’t remember ever reading Alice in Charge so I thought I missed a book. So I went to the books in order and saw that it wasn’t there. So I checked on amazon and they had ALice in Charge and the cover was a girl dancing with a boy (who isn’t patrick) so can you set me straight? DId I miss a book? Thanks for writing the ALice books they mean a lot.
Phyllis replied:
I knew that reader’s email was going to cause me some trouble.  If you remember my answer, I told her she couldn’t have read a book with that title because it wasn’t out yet, and I’m waiting for her to tell us which book of her sister’s she had read.  An easy mistake to make.   The cover you saw is of the real “Alice in Charge” book that is coming out next June.

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