Is it Bad for You?


i read this message from a girl that sent you this a while ago and she said that she masturbates everynight and i was wondering if that she does that everynight doesnt it get addicting and then she will loose concentration in her studies if she masturbates all the time and she will only focus on that? also is masturbating good or bad for you and why do people buy expensive toys to get pleasure cuz all they are really doing is wasting money when sometimes they dont even work?

Phyllis replied:


Well, there are 24  hours in a day, and she said she masturbates every night, not in the morning, during class, at lunch, in the afternoon and after dinner.  When hormones start kicking in during the teen years, some teens feel sexually aroused a lot, and masturbation releases tension.  I don’t think  she is going to get addicted to something so natural, unless it starts taking the place of friendships and socializing and homework and studying, and I doubt very much that it will.  As for sex toys, everyone is different.  Some people undoubtedly think they are helpful, others don’t.

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