I Hate Waiting So Long


I knew I would forget to ask this, haha… what’s the title of the next book after Alice in Charge? And why do they now come out in June instead of May?? I hate waiting so long!!

Phyllis replied:


The book I’m working on now is “Incredibly Alice.”  The reason an Alice book sometimes comes out in June instead of May is that I get it in too late, or my editor is overworked and it doesn’t go to the copyeditor or printer when it should.  Keeping up with this blog takes about an hour a day–many of the emails are answered personally rather than appearing on this page–and I have other writing projects, other deadlines, and just the business part of writing takes an enormous amount of time–contracts, bios, fact checking, research, letters from teachers, questions from librarians, mail from mothers–not to mention all my family stuff.

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