Can’t Find an Alice Book


Hello . I am a big Alice fan! I cant find the Dangerously Alice or Intensely Alice books anywhere (library or my local book store) . Is there any way you could send me an online version i could read or some spoilers ? I am excited to find out what happens between Alice and Tony and Alice and Patrick.

Phyllis replied:


There are three ways to get a book you can’t find in your public library or local bookstore:  1).  Order it from  2). Call your local bookstore and ask them to special order it for you.  You will need to pay for it in advance.  3)  Ask your librarian to get the book for you on “inter-library loan.”  Any good librarian should be willing to do this–it may take a while to get it, because many libraries have the Alice books on reserve–but it will come eventually because she requests it from many libraries.

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