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Believe it or not, my name is also Alice, and the first Alice book was published the year I was born.  In junior high school, I started reading the series because of the shared name, but it was the stories and the characters that got me hooked.  Even though my own personality was vastly different from Alice’s (I was a very studious kid, much more shy and reserved than her), I could still always relate to her trials and joys of growing up.  I admit that life got in the way, as it unfortunately often does, and I only read the first 11 or so books as a teenager.  But for some reason this year, ten years later, I started thinking about the books again, and read each and every one that’s been published!  Even though I am now 24 years old, married, and have grown up much faster than the Alice in the books, I still enjoy the series every bit as much as I did back then.  My memories from the Alice series have stuck with me all through my teen years and beyond, and have affected me in a way that I will probably never fully comprehend.  Thank you so very much for writing a series that is so near and dear to my heart.  If we are lucky enough to be blessed with a child, I will most definitely be sharing the Alice series with her.    

Phyllis replied:


It’s so wonderful to know that you can pick up right where you left off and still feel a kindred soul to Alice.   The very last book, coming out in 2013 will take Alice from age 18 to 60, and I hope that rings true to you also.  Thanks so much for writing!

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