Is It Alright?


I was just wondering if it is alrigh to read the alice books marked 14 and older i ahve read thme already i am just windering if it is alright? and how are you doing? Your books are  great books. I ahve read then all a few times. I lvoe them. Thanks for writing so many aweosme books

Phyllis replied:


Well, you haven’t turned into a toad or anything, so nothing bad is going to happen, right?  It’s certainly OK with me.  Publishers of children’s and teen’s books are asked to put an approximate age level on the inside jacket cover so that librarians who buy books for their libraries and parents who buy books for their children can get some idea of whether the book is appropriate for their students or children.  But as everyone knows, some readers are far more immature than most, and some are far more sophisticated.  Please enjoy the books and stop worrying.

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