Sex When She’s Having her Period?

Can a women have sex when she’s having her period? I wouldn’t think you could, but what if a women were on her honeymoon and was in the middle of her period? Can a women have sex when shes had a hysterectomy, even if it can’t turn into baby?
Phyllis replied:
I’m not sure if you’re asking if she can physically have sex during her period or whether she has permission, according to her religion, to have sex at that time.  Some religions think that a husband and wife have to abstain from all kinds of intimacy when she’s having her period, but others have no prohibition about it.  Physically, of course she can have sexual intercourse.  She may not feel like it, but she also might feel very much in the mood, knowing that it is very unlikely to become pregnant while you are menstruating.  Some couples would be put off by having sex during this time, for others it wouldn’t matter.  It’s very much a personal choice.   And yes, women can continue their sexual lives for a long time, and some women, after hysterectomies, like knowing that they can have sex without worrying about making a baby. 

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