What Should I Major In?

hi well i love your books so much!! well i need some advice…i want to be a teacher but i also want to be a writer like you. youve inspired me with your amazing books. but anywho so what do you suggest i should do when i go to college next year. what should i major in i really dont understand all the majors college things. well i also have another question theres this boy who i really liked him during the summer that i told him because im pretty sure he knew well we have just been friends since then but he is rude at times to me an mean but then hes super nice to me i dont know do you have an idea why he acts like that towards me.. well thanks adios,,bye!!

Phyllis replied:


Probably most students don’t declare a major until at least their junior year.  You need basic courses like everyone else to graduate, but I strongly encourage people who want to become writers to also prepare for another career.  Not too many people are able to meet all their expenses by writing, and when they do, they usually have many years of experience behind them.  Being a teacher not only provides a good income, but you can have your summers free to write.  Literature courses, sociology, and psychology are all good choices to become both a good  teacher and a good writer.  As for the boy, any guy who is super nice to you sometimes and rude at others sounds immature to me, as though he treats you, and possibly the world, according to how he feels about himself on that day.  Sometimes he may want to impress you by being kind, or he may be trying to impress both himself and his friends by being tough. 

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