A Horrible Remake


I have a question for you: what’s your opinion of the movie they made out of your book? I thought i was terrible. I’m not saying Alyson Stoner is a bad actress, and I know that it would be hard to act while talking about stuff like menstruation and  stuff like that, but it was a horrible remake of your book. What do you think of it?

Phyllis replied:



The only way to judge a movie that was based on a book is to view the movie as a separate thing; in other words, if you didn’t know anything at all about the Alice books, would you have enjoyed the movie?  I liked some parts of it, other parts I would have done differently.  Some of the actors were good, others were not.  The producers probably made a mistake of trying to make the movie all-inclusive, rather than sticking to the characters I had developed for the books.  But the producers have the right to do whatever they want, and that was the direction they saw for the movie.

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