What’s Up with the Smoking?

I’ve read maybe… 6?? books of the Alive books, not in order. I mostly love them, except for the critiscism(sp?) of God and all the smoking. I love them and they’re accurate at describing a teen!! What is going to happen next?? 😀
By the way, in Alice in the Know, what was up with all the marijuana and smoking? My class was learning about drugs and stuff earlier this year and I am very against it. That and racism. But what was up with that? I’m concerned about the world around me, and that somewhat promotes smoking…

Phyllis replied:


I’m not a smoker, and neither is Alice, but I try to portray the real world that Alice would find herself in, not an ideal world that would make the whole series seem false.  It would be unusual for none of the kids she hangs around with not  to smoke, and sometime in her life she would undoubtedly be in a group or a crowd where someone tried marijuana.  But I don’t think you can read my books and see that anywhere I have promoted it.  I’m very glad that you are concerned with the world around you.  So is Alice.  But she also has questions about what people do, what they say, and what they believe, and questioning some of the religious beliefs is part of her growing up. 



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