I Want to Grow Up, but Not Yet



I’m seventeen years old and sometimes worry about growing up. There was some crazy stuff that went on at home and my father hurt me and my family in a lot of ways, and I feel like being an adult will keep me from being worth loving and protecting. Am I still a child? Am I still growing up? I do want to grow up, but not yet.

Phyllis replied:


This is so interesting, because Alice feels the same way in the book I’m writing now.  There’s a certain amount of mourning that goes on when we leave one stage of life and go into another, no matter how much we’ve looked forward to it.   You are both a child and an adult.  I remember a minister saying to a couple he was marrying, “Remember that in every man, there is a little boy, and in every woman, a little girl.”   There will always be things you miss, but new opportunities and privileges as well.  Don’t be afraid to be loved as a woman.  You don’t have to stay a child to be loved and cherished.

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