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I just read “Almost Alice”. I was so scared when ______ got Pregnant! But, I was happy with the results. Wooh! I was wondering, if you could give me some advice. I know your a writer, but I want to be an actress. Could you give me some tips? And I love to write short stories, I have 2 books full of them. No one has really inspired me to follow my dreams but you! So thanks!  And the Alice books make me So happy when I read them, all my fears and worries vanish. Thanks for making me smile.

Phyllis replied:


You should really talk with an actress, not me, but I would think that paying close attention to the way people express themselves when they are emotional would help.  Empathy–identifying with other people–will also help.  When you are angry, when you are sad, when you are embarrassed, try to remember when it’s happening where you feel the physical effects.  Does your mouth turn down?  Do you feel a tightening in your throat?  The more experience you have of life, and the more observant you are of your own feelings and those of other people, the better actress or writer you will be.

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