You’ve Inspired Me to Write Books Too

I love your Alice books because everything that happens to her I can relate to. I wish she was a real person and it makes me feel sad to know that she isn’t but as long as I got an Alice book in my hands I’ll sit for hours reading until the very end. You’re my favorite author of all time, I used to be a big fan of Japanese comic books but ever since I started reading Alice books, I haven’t picked up a comic book since! Wow this is actually the first time thinking about a comic…
  I have a question, is there gonna be another series of books, like Alice that you might write in the future? I mean not like another series of Alice books [But I sure do wish] but coming from another person who experiences different problems. And never ever ever stop writing books! You’ve got talent! And you’ve inspired me to write books too [I’m currently working on one called “The Black Feather” ] (Even though I’m forteen and can’t get it published, I think its gonna win book of the year, when i get old enough)

Phyllis replied:


I don’t know that I would want to get into writing another long series of books.   The Alice books have been going on for 25 years, you know!  There are just so many individual books I want to write.  Best of luck with your own writing!   I’ll watch for your book….

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