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I just read Intensely Alice, and all I keep doing is hoping that any of my friends tonight don’t call to say that one of our friends has died.Snce I too live in Maryland, and know where Randolph Road is, it scares me to think that I as well as many of my friends have been on that road, and that some of my friends right now might be on Randolph Road. Thank you so much for what you do.In such a time of despair, such as now, a great book that brings to life the characters and allows the reader to breathe inpossibilities, is a great thing. Thank you once again.
Phyllis replied:
It could be any road, in any city, anywhere.  I just picked Randolph Road because people drive fairly fast on that, though this wasn’t  exactly a driving-fast accident, and it happened at an intersection.
I wanted to portray an accident where a teenager is not at fault, and that’s , again, what made the death so sad.

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