This Time I Cried. A Lot.


I just finished reading Intensely Alice for the second time. Honestly, the first time I didn’t cry because I knew someone would die. But, this time, I did. A Lot. It just took so much out of me, realizing that this could happen to anyone, and reading about it made me feel so sad. That he’s never going to come back and do all the things he’s wanted. How is it that one awful unthinkable thing can make you believe that the world is coming to an end as we know it? The way you described it when they were lowering the casket……I knew it was over. It really made me think to enjoy everyday and to remember the only way to be here on this earth is we have to die. We have to die to be here. This book really put life into perspective for me, thanks.

Also, I’ve been thinking about the end of the series. Everyone keeps saying, “No! Don’t stop the series! All the memories we’ve had..” Well, you can still relive those memories. I’ve read each book over 6 times, and they never get old. Once the series is done, It’s done. But not really. It’s still here, and we can still connect with Alice, but maybe on a different level.

But, I wanted to thank you. You have made me so happy, sad, angry, delirius with laughter, and it’s all been a great ride. Even though the series isn’t done, I’m ready for when it is.


Phyllis replied:


I cried when I wrote it.  A lot.  And each time I read it since then, I’ve cried.  I feel very close to my characters, as I’ve known them now for about 25 years.  I think that as readers grow older, they get something new from the books each time they read them again, simply because their own life experiences are growing.  I’m glad to know they’ve meant so much to you.

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