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Hi there, and first of let me just say I love your Alice books.  I see that you write a lot about real issues that people face in everyday life.  Now, I have only gotten up to The Grooming of Alice, but I was wondering if there are any books in the series that will have the topics of Autism and Asperger’s?  I have Asperger’s, and I think it would be helpful for people to get a better understanding of what I go through.  I know I’m not the only one with it either, so to see this in a book that many people are reading, and to know that more people are aware of this disorder would be nice.


Phyllis replied:

I don’t know if I had introduced Amy Sheldon yet in that book, but a number of readers have asked me if Amy has Asperger’s.  I’ve purposely not named her problem because I wanted her to represent any student who has social difficulties, and Amy has problems in several areas.  But I agree with you that most people don’t know too much about Asperger’s.  It would be very helpful to our readers if you would write a paragraph or two that I could post on this space, telling us in your own words some of the difficulties you’ve faced.  I know that two paragraphs hardly scratches the surface, but this would still be a real value to our readers.


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