After “Alice in Charge”

I want to start by saying I am in LOVE with your Alice books. I cried along with Alice in Intensly Alice, I felt embarrassed with her the many times it happened, and I laughed along with her in all of the books. I would actually read them in class and crack-up at something and everyone would stare at me.
I really wrote this to ask you if there will be any new book after Alice in Charge because I never want the Alice series to end, they’re soooooo good! I’ve read every book at least 10 times and I cannot wait until Alice in Charge comes out. I will miss the series so much!
Phyllis replied:

I know, I’ll probably miss it too, even though there are SO many other kinds of books I want to write.  The Alice book I’m working on now is called, “Incredibly Alice,” and there will be two more after that.

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