Goodbye to Mrs. Plotkin


I just finished reading The Grooming Of Alice, and I must say I cried.  Normally, I don’t cry over books, because I know that the story isn’t true, or I will have put down the book before it gets that sad!  But with this book, I was already a part of the McKinley family.  I felt I knew Mrs. Plotkin, and that is probably because I have known a few “Mrs. Plotkin”s through out my life.  I watched the movie before I read the books, and I fell in love with how nice she truly was.  So I found myself a bit teary while reading.  What I liked about the book, though, was how I got to go through the services with Alice.  I got to say good-bye to Mrs. Plotkin, and maybe even said good-bye, in a way, to the other “Mrs. Plotkin”s as well.

Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you loved Mrs. Plotkin as much as I did.  I’ve had a number of “Mrs. Plotkins” in my life, as well.  Thank you for writing.


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