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I havent written to you in a long time! I am so excited for alice in charge to come out. i just cant stop wondering why she is dancing with a black guy on the cover. Thats for me to find out in June i guess! when is the exact date anyway? i have it on reserve allready at my library but i want to put a countdown on my computer.
I have been so intrested in the alice books of when she is in high school latley. When I read them in middle school they weren’t as intresting as the ones when she was my age. I guess i am dealing with the same problems as her now. I was wondering why when alice is in middle school you made 3 books during the school year and sometimes 2 in the summer, and now that she is in high school there is only 1 per semester, then 1 in the summer? Also, my sister is almost eight and likes to read. she is in the gifted and talented program and i was wondering if the alice books would be appropreate for her. It would be cool if we were both into them because i dont know anyone else who reads them. Do you think she should just read the ones when alice is in elementary school? those reminded me of myself actually. they were fun to read, and im sure you had a good time writing them.
I hope you can get back to me but if you are busy thats understandable, considering you have some writing to do! Thanks so much for brining alice into all of our lives, you have no idea how much we appreciate it.
PS. Someone wrote to you about wearing mascara in seventh grade. when i was in seventh grade my parents said i couldnt. but because everyone else did, i went out and bought it myself. its not that great. when my parents found it, they were ferious! then i had to wait even longer! It was just last summer, going into ninth that i could wear it.
Phyllis replied:
I haven’t kept track, exactly, but after “Alice in Rapture,” I think I started writing a book for Alice’s fall semester, spring semester, and summer–three books for every year of her life, but I actually wrote only one per year.  I don’t know the exact date that “Alice in Charge” will be out–sometime in June.  Start your sister out by reading the Alice books that match her own age, and see how interested she is to go on and read those for older girls.

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