I’m Completely Serious


hey, okay so this email is gonna be completely serious. please understand this. im not trying to be rude. 

ok- so you now how alice masturbates? i figured you’d know a lot about it, since you write about it, and you get into detail with sexual things and how patrick fingers alice and how she gave him a hand job and stuff in intensely alice.(which was a good book! and i honestly think they should have had sex in right there, cause it was like perfect timing! but oh well haha.)
you know how there is that thing called a jerk circle. (i think thats what its called) for a group of guys who get together and pleasure themselves. well me and a bunch of my girlfriends get together once a week, and we all masturbate, kinda like the jerk circle. (we’re in college, and we started this so it can calm us down from the stress and shit. and it can get crazzzy, a bunch of horny girls in one room-. we usually end it with spin the bottle. but not the average kiss, its with fingering each other and were usually drunk by this time)  but all my friends tell me im doing it wrong, but i still get really horny when i do it, so i feel like im doing it right. they always show me how to do it, but every time i try it again they say im still doing it wrong. so how do i do it right?? are they just telling me im doing it wrong because it sure as hell feels like im doing it right!? i want to be able to pleasure myself when not having sex without using a vibrator or sex toys. i want to be able to pleasure myself knowing that im doing it right! please mrs.naylor help me here!
and one last question, do you masturbate?


Phyllis replied:


I’ll have to take your word that your email is completely serious, because it didn’t seem so to me.  For a group of college girls uninhibited enough to masturbate in front of each other, it’s hard to believe that you want to know if you’re “doing it right.”  How can you say to anyone else “You’re not enjoying chocolate right,” or “You’re not enjoying a sunset right” or “You’re not enjoying your backrub right.”   If you are getting pleasure, isn’t that what it’s all about?   (I answered a similar question just a few days ago).

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