What Does It Mean?

u said that the sticky stuff in my underwear was normal and that it was preparation for my period. does that mean that ill be getting my period soon or does it mean that i still wont get it for a long time? please help.
Phyllis replied:
Hey, look!  I’m not a doctor or nurse.  I never even had a course in First Aid.  And nobody gave me a calendar of your body.  All I can tell you is that I get dozens of letters about sticky stuff in underwear.  I had sticky stuff in MY underwear when I was your age.  But I don’t know what fate has designed for you, whether sooner or later, but please put your mind on something else and just see what happens.  Keep a thin pad handy in your bag, if you’re worried about getting your period at school or at the movies.  It would be very unlikely that your first period would come with a gush.

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