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I don’t mean to interupt your great writing ( i am the girl who wrote to you a LONG time ago)but see i was wondering what do you think is the most important thing a young girl would NEED to know about writing?????????????

Because in journals and stuff I always end up thinking i did something wrong and throw it in the trash. I would rather write you but this is shorter By the way I am 10 years old (just turned 10) and want to be a faumous( dont know how to spell some things)
writer. I was so excited to get a real email back from an author Especially a real good one !!

Phyllis replied:


Perhaps the best thing you could know right now is that it’s more of a help if you write because you just love putting stories down on paper, not that you want to be famous.  If your main goal is to be a “famous” writer, then you may try to copy books which have made an author famous, rather than writing something more original that has its roots in  your own emotions and experience.

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