Add Some Kind of Warning?

hi, I was wondering if, when you post the e-mails that fans send you, you could add some kind of warning if there is going to be a spoiler for one of the books in it. Because I haven’t read Intensely Alice yet, but I now know that one of the characters is killed in Intensely Alice, and I have a sneaking suspicion I know who it is. If you can, then thank you.
Phyllis replied:
It can be a problem, I know.  It’s hard to figure out just how long after a book is published before we can fully discuss what happens in it.  So far I have not mentioned the name of the person who dies, and for a while after it was published, I didn’t even mention that.  Perhaps I can add a “spoiler alert” to a question, but I’ll have to decide how much to hold back and how much we can talk about.

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