Curious about Tampons


Dear Phyllis, is it bad to try using a tampon? I want to try but every time I attempt it my hands shake and I have to put on my glasses to see! I am very curious about using a tampon, and I want to know, is it bad to try it out before you get your period? Or is it unusual or weird? 

Phyllis replied:
It’s not bad or weird or unusual to be curious.  But inserting a tampon for the first time is usually awkward and not too successful, and if you are already nervous about using one, trying it now, before you are menstruating and slippery, you’ll just be more frustrated.  Tampons don’t go in or come out easily if you aren’t slippery.  If I were you, I’d wait for my period and would use pads at first, then try tampons, junior size.  If you are simply curious about where your vagina is, you can explore with your finger.  Boys have it a lot easier in some ways than girls because they can see exactly what they’ve got.  Many, many girls have no real picture of what is down there, where the blood comes out, where the urine comes out, and where the clitoris is located.  And it isn’t weird or unusual or bad to take a hand mirror sometime and peek.

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