Couldn’t Stop Reading the Alice Books


I just want you to know that i really love your Alice books.  My friend started reading “Alice in Lace” one day, and i thought that it looked like a good book.  So i asked her if i could read it after her, and I did.  After I started reading that book, i couldn’t stop reading Alice books.  I’ve been reading one everyday, and I have read almost all of them now.  I also got 2 of my friends hooked on them too. The three of us named everyone in our class according to the Alice characters, and we try to act like our characters everyday.  We always watch “Alice Upside Down” at sleepovers.  I can’t wait to read the new Alice books that are coming out soon.  Thank you for being such a wonderful author.


Phyllis replied:
It’s wonderful to know that one book led you to read many more.  But be careful about naming people in your class after book characters; not even professional actors like to be typecast. I loved hearing that you introduced Alice to your friends.

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