Lester and my Brother Could be Twins

I just went to the alicemckinley.wordpress.com website& it was rather interesting some of those weird questiong people ask.
I just turned 14 two days ago, & i have to say i absolutely LOVE your alice books. I’ve been reading them since i was 10! they are the greatest books&i just wanted to let you know that,&that of course this isnt one of those freakish uncomfortable questions. hahha but anyway alice is my role model, and i thought that was absolutely amazing, because there you are, creating a character that hundreds of girls want to be like. Alice has been my role model since i was 10,&yet, she still is! Her group of friends&mine are EXACTLY the same. I’ve re-read so many of the Alice books and they never get tiring. Lester cracks me up hes hysterical. I also have an older brother (17), and they could seriously be twins. my brother makes me laugh often, but like alice, sometimes i have to yell  at him for saying something stupid or annoying. I really love your books, and i hope you can e-mail me back, and keep writing!
Phyllis replied:
Lester’s one of my favorite characters too.  I’m always happy when I decide to put him in a scene.  Thanks for writing to me.

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