We Liked the Same Guy


Me and my friend are in a arguement right now.It all strted when o found out she
liked the same guys as me at first I was mad because i felt that she should have
told me but then after a while I realized that she didn t have to tell me any
thing if she didn t want to. The guy that we both like like her. sHe didn t like
hi at first but she warmed up to him but anyway I just found out that he likes
someone else and I like someone else. We don t talk to each other anymore and im
trying to figure out how I can get her to talk to me?

Phyllis replied:

Can't you at least admire each other's taste?  So she now likes the guy that you liked, but he likes someone else, and you like someone else.  It would be easier if she had a boyfriend of her own, but since she doesn't, you need a sense of humor here.  Just call her up and tell her that no guy is worth your friendship, and invite her to do something, or go some place with you.  Be the first one to break the ice, and agree that there is no law that says two (or three or four or a hundred) girls can't like the same guy.  Movie stars would be out of business if they didn't have thousands of fans.

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