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PN, I have written you before, but I haven’t in a really long time. I am very excited for your new book this June and am already begging my mom to pre-order it online. She gets annoyed because I read your books all the time. I would say that I have read each one at least 12 times (probably a whole lot more) and I can probably tell you exactly what happens in each book. My mom eventually hid the books in the storage room because she wants me to read other things too. Well about a week ago, I found all the books. I have been reading them non-stop during spring break. My mom asked what I was doing and I told her I was just re-reading the series before the new one came out. I read the whole series in 6 days and on Saturday alone I read 3.5 books. She wasn’t happy, but didn’t protest. The reason that I hunted the books down though was because my boyfriend broke up with me via text a few days before my 16th birthday (4 days after he gave me real diamond earrings for my birthday and I let him do oral on me). We only dated for a month and a half and we went way too fast and I know I made a really big mistake. I really liked him and he used me for sex and I fell for it. I’m not really sure if he broke up with me after we did the oral or if he did it because I wouldn’t sleep with him. I told him it was too soon. We were really different though; going into the relationship, I had never kissed a guy and he was not a virgin. So we were pretty opposite. But I didn’t think I should judge him, just because he wasn’t a virgin because I didn’t think (to an extent of course), that what he did should be that big of a deal between the two of us. My mom didn’t know about my boyfriend so I couldn’t really confide in her. I did try to tell her, but my dad didn’t like him because he wasn’t the same nationality as my family. But I read your books to help get me through this break up and they have conforted me a lot. Especially in Alice Alone, it helped because Alice and I were going through the same thing. I just wanted to tell you how much your books helped me and to tell you how excited I am for the one in June.


Phyllis replied:


I’m really happy that the Alice books helped you through the break-up.  Often we never know the whole truth about why someone broke up with us.  But getting that intimate with a boy so soon after you started dating can turn out to be awkward and embarrassing.  Try to let mistakes made now save you from making bigger ones later.   Alice makes several mistakes she regrets in “Alice in Charge,” coming out this June.

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