Want to Prove to My Parents


This february of 2010 I went to Mexico, and fell completely in love
with my parents small, not well known, and poor town. Every Febraury
annually there is a fair. I want t go badly  next year, or whever I
can. Though times are tough now, and my parents may not be able to
afford five tickets for my family. So I wanted to prove to my parents
that I was resposible, so I have decided to earn my own money to pay
for the ticket and neccessities in Mexico. I don’t plan on going
alone, hopefully I go with my 17 year old brother. Hopefully if I get
enough money my parents will let me go. So far I have $75 … I think.
Have you ever felt like you’d do anything to get to that place, that
little piece of heaven you hae, you own little world. Mexico is also a
place for me to escape and ignore my problems at school. It puts me at
peace it’s my bliss and my everything,. I miss everything about it,
you may think oh small towns, but I’m positive you would like it there
too. ANyone would, if they took the time to see it and breathe in
thclean air and see the blue green river waves flowing smoothly like
silky hair. Amazing. Do you have any ideas on how I could raise my own
money? I’m only 12 and have been told I am mature for my age, normalya mature person wouldn’t be ery stubborn but like I said I’d do
anything to go there in February.

Phyllis replied:


It does indeed sound like a wonderful place and I would probably love it too.  Part of your planning, however, should be not just the price of your plane ticket, but where you would stay, who would go with  you, and–most of all–whether, even if you had the money, your parents would allow you and your brother to go alone.  Assuming that all you would need is money, however, anyone with enough determination to do something should also have the imagination to figure out how to get it done.  You know your own family, your own neighborhood, and your own town.  What does anyone need that you could offer to do or to give to them?  When do you have time to spare that someone else might need?  What are your special talents or skills?   What have people relied on you to do in the past that was successful?  Think of what it is you do best; then figure out who might be able to use this skill, and hire you.

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