Does He Like Me?


Hi Phyllis! I have something to ask you. So, there’s this boy in my class. He’s mostly sweet but we’re both very opinionated and fight often. We’re usually friends, but the longest we haven’t been is two weeks. Anyway, here’s an email from him that I just got. Today was one of our “bad” days.

***** why do we always fight i mean in math you seemed so nice  and just why do we fight and i just wanna say im sorry for all the mean crude rude or whatev stuff before i truly am so lets startover “Hi my names ***** where did you move from?”
I’m 11, by the way. So anyway, again, we’re pretty good friends, but here’s the twist: we used to go out. We went out for like a month but then we broke up (him to me). I’ve liked him on-and-off ever since, and I’m pretty sure I like him now. I replied “Hi I’m **** I just moved here from ****”. Do you think he likes me, or jsut wants to be friends, or is faking the whole thing, or what? I really hope he likes me but I don’t know WHAT to think. Help!
Phyllis replied:
I like his email to you, I like your response, and yes, I think he likes you and wants to be friends.  I would keep it at that level and not make more of it than it is.

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