I’m Like Alice

I am so much like Alice, and I love your books so much. Patrick is such a poite boy, just like my dad, and my dad’s name is Patrick! I am like Alice because I am into jounalism, and I have an annoying brother.  I am also like Elizabesth because I am very beautiful and I need the details. Also, I have a question, and I think you’ll know the answer because your imagination. How do I tell a guy that I have a crush on him? He’s my secon’d best friend, he’s really nice, and he cares about me a lot.
          One girl who reveiwed your book said that  looked at a Maryland phone book under McKinley and found “Benjamin”. Isn’t Alice’s dad named Ben? 
Phyllis replied:
 Both the name “Ben” and the name “McKinley” are fairly common names, so I imagine there are a lot of them about. 
As for your crush, you don’t “tell,” you “show.”   You choose to sit by him whenever possible, you share a treat with him, ask him questions about himself, tease him in a good way, tell him you like his shirt, let him catch you watching him, smiling at him, telling other kids nice things about him that you know will find their way back to him–all the things that make him feel good about himself and about you.

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