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Hello Mrs. Naylor! I have been reading books from your Alice series since i was
in 6th grade, and well, now I am a junior in high school! As a junior and soon
to be rising senior, I have a lot going on regarding picking a major, a college,
and scholarship preparation. I am considering obtaining a major in journalism or
media communications but I'm just not sure of all the job opportunities
available with such majors. I enjoy writing and if I say so my self, I am pretty
good at it. I plan to minor in Spanish, so if the other plans fall through I
suppose I can always become a Spanish teacher. What do you think about the
demand and career opportunities for journalist/media communications majors?
Since you are a writer, what did you major in, in college?

Phyllis replied:


Your counselor would know more about job opportunities in various fields than I would. Your plan to major in journalism with Spanish as your fall-back plan sounds pretty good to me.  The job situation is so uncertain right now that whatever advice I gave might not hold water five years from now.  I would suggest majoring in what you love to do most and what you do best, and then see what happens.  I majored in psychology, and didn't take any journalism or writing courses.  I just loved writing in my spare time, and finally realized I could support myself at it.  But any courses you take regarding people would be helpful--psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature--those are all helpful in becoming a writer, if that's what you eventually choose to do.  Best of luck!

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