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Hi, i wanted to know if there was going to be a movie on one of the alice books because i love those books so, much i can really relate to what alice is going through.  Me and my best friend get tons alice books at the library and read them all day! we really love these books because it tells us more about how our body’s will change and how boys act! next year we will be going to middle school and are very excited but a little nervous! then when we see how alice handles her school and also boys and all the drama going on we are very prepared for what we should look forward too! We REALLY REALLY LOVE these book a lot. We hope that you can talk to someone to make a movie out of one of these books, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. When i have a bad day at school all i want to do is come home and read an Alice book! Thank you for reading this, You are my favorite author…….KEEP WRITING Alice books and can you tell us how they go in order because me and my friend are kind of confused. Thank you again.

Phyllis replied:


There is already a movie on DVD based loosely on “The Agony of Alice.”  It’s called “Alice Upside Down.”  Look for it at your movie rental store or on Netflix.  In some ways it’s very different from the book and in some ways it’s the same.  You need to view it as something separate from the book, and see it as a movie in its own right.

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