In Love with a Teacher

Recently a major problem has come about in my life. In fact it is alot like what Elizabeth went thorugh, in one of your books, I’m not which one it is.
Anyways, the problem is, is that i am in love with my P.E. teacher. He is very young, only 25 or something, and is married too another one of the teachers in the school. He is always very nice to me, and i have found myself madly inlove with him. I dont know what to do, since clearly, nothing could ever come out of this little crush, but i have been finding myself dreaming that something more could happen. Please give me advice as to what i could do to fix this crush i have.

Phyllis replied:


It’s not always easy to get over a crush, so I won’t say it is. You are probably not the only girl in your class, or the whole school, who has a crush on him and wishes it could develop into something more, even though you know it can’t.  It might help to remind yourself that 1) you’re not the only one with a crush; 2) He’s young and probably newly married, and madly in love with his wife; 3) When you love someone, you don’t want to do anything that would hurt them in any way, and if you were to begin a flirtation with him, and he responded, he would probably lose his job.  People who love each other don’t do that, even though the crush is miserable.  If it would help to record your feelings in a private notebook you keep at home, not at school, it might help release some tension.

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