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i never read books but one day i looked at your book blizzards wake and i thought it looked good and so i asked the teacher if i can change my author Gary paulson to Phyllis/you so she said OK ill give you an extra week so i can start over so i read it and i would not put it down i took it to restaurants why’ll i was waiting for food i read it to my parents before bed time sometimes i pretended to be asleep so i can read myself to sleep i read at school on the bus in class it was so good i finished it in a week then i read send no blessings cause we have to read 3 books by the same author it was really good i like how Beth has seven siblings and she prays to god to send no more blessings and it came true but not the way she wanted it to happen the third book i read was night cry it was really really good best one i read in my life i like how she goes to save the 4 yr old boy and finds out its Gerald Alma’s boy the old women who likes to be called granny Bo i just finished that book last week I’m going to order the book faith, hope and ivy June I’m waiting for it to come in the mail ill write you almost everyday saying what i think about the book so far. i don’t care how old you r 77 isn’t that old my great grandma is turning 85 and i will always like you and love your books i will bye all of them if i can ill read them read them to my baby sister when she gets older read them when i have kids read them to my grand kids and die with the books maybe not die with them but give them to my family to read to their siblings

Phyllis replied:


Wow!  You are a serious fan!  I’m so glad you like my books.  So I will seriously suggest you read “Jade Green: A Ghost Story,” “A String of Chances,”  “Ice,” and “The Agony of Alice.”   Enjoy!

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