Do I Wait Till Next Year?


 i have a question for as u know im in eight grade and graduation coming very soon

and im really looking forward to it but my biggest concern is my not so really so call frined lets call her  J beacuse like
she gets mad soooo easily so if i say something even a lil thing she be mad at me like she wont even want to be friends or something like it  of course i dont really mind but we hang out with the same people so she cant really kick me out of the group…but like she cant having me leaving her as if she some kinda princess that controls eveything..cuz i feel that i have to make her feell what she wants feel like if she happy she cant be mad ;dont make fun of sometihng unless she does
and with the others in the group i feel  like soo normal and i dont have to act an cetarin way you know but still do i tell this girl the way she acting or wait till next year when im in highschool to hopefully meet new people with people i dont have to worry about wat they think of me>?

Phyllis replied:


Hearing about this drama queen makes me wonder why you want to be friends with her in the first place.  I think I would walk away the minute she starts her whining and spend my time with someone else.  My guess is that when you get to high school–and you will definitely make new friends there–you will wonder how you stood her this long.

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