Why Does It Take So Long?

i just cant wait till june when alice in charge comes out why does it take so long if the book is alredy written?
Phyllis replied:
There is SO much to do even after the book is written.  First it has to go through several revisions, after the editor sees it; then the copy-editor checks it for dates, names, permissions, errors, punctuation, spelling and zillions of other things; then the editor or I reads it all over again to make sure the copy-editor’s questions are answered; then it goes to the art department and the design people to think about the cover, the type, the whole look of the book; then my editor sends me various ideas for the jacket and we discuss that; then it goes to the printer; then we have to read the galleys; then an advance paperback copy goes out to reviewers; then it goes to the distributor who takes it to bookstores…. I’ve probably left out a lot of steps, but I have more emails to answer tonight.  Hope that answers your question!

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